SplitSeasonTickets uses the Torney Draft Order Algorithm to help season ticket holders fairly allocate the games in their season.

  • Mathematically generated draft orders.

    A Fair Way to Divide Games

    In many Season Ticket drafts the people making picks all have the same number of picks which makes creating the draft order simple. However, what happens if the number of picks varies from partner to partner? How can you share Season Tickets when the number of picks owned by the Season Ticket partners are not equal?

    The Torney Draft Order Algorithm solves dividing shared Season Tickets by calculating optimized draft orders. The resulting draft orders enable groups of fans to join together to share Season Tickets knowing that they will use the algorithm and draft to divide their games and tickets fairly.

    • Single Round Draft
      Instead of trying to force draft orders into multiple rounds, the algorithm creates drafts in a single round. Unburdened by the structure of "rounds", the algorithm can fairly distribute picks.
    • Pick averages approach mathematical ideal
      The draft orders are fair because the algorithm distributes each pick by assessing the pick's closeness to it's ideal value and adjusting the order accordingly. The resulting draft order has carefully calculated the fairness of every pick individually and as sets for each partner.
    • More games, more chance at higher picks
      The more games you take, the higher your chance at the top picks. It is fair to give partners taking a larger percentage of the games a better chance at higher picks and this is included in the algorithm.

A New Way to Share Season Tickets

The Torney Draft Order Algorithm enables a new way for fans to join together to purchase Season Tickets. Find the location and price range that is right for you and then decide how many games you want. Be confident that you will be able to choose your games in a fair draft.